PRIORY students have sent a big 'well done' message to former student Michelle Terry as she takes on a prestigious world role in performing arts.

The Olivier-award-winning English actress and writer is now artistic director at Shakespeare’s Globe after being inspired to acting by her Priory tutor in the 1990s.


This week Priory Community School students and staff congratulated her on the new role.

The 38 year old has a long career in the National Theatre and wrote and appeared in Sky TV’s The Cafe.

Four years ago she was the guest speaker PCSA’s end of year awards where she attributed her success to her Priory tutor while at school in the 1990s.

Michelle Terry said: “The only reason I’m doing what I’m doing in life is because of my Priory tutor. When I told her I wanted to be an actress, she told me not only that I could be, but if I wanted to be, then I must.”

Michelle is one of many ex Priory students achieving remarkable things in performing arts. Jake Fisher has just appeared in the Bristol Hippodrome in the Adam’s Family and Corinne Priest is also in the West End.