Priory student Liam Orme is aiming to be the world's best boxer and is winning championship fights - despite only being in the sport for less then a year.

Year 10 student, Liam, aged 14, is now in the English championship and is practising up to four hours a day in his quest to be the best.


He has already won the Western Division Championship, and is now competing in the National Quarter-Finals on October 14th.

Liam said: “Boxing makes me more alive. I’m determined to be the best in the world.”

Head of Year Callum Thompson, pictured, said: “We are proud of Liam and his achievements in the sport.”

Liam trains at least 5 hours a week preparing for fights, and is determined to one day become the Welterweight or Super-middle weight champion of the World.

By Priory students Aimee Braithwaite, aged 11, and Alice Bird, 11

Liam is pictured with left to right, Alice Bird and Aimee Braithwaite, who are Priory’s Jill Dando Centre journalists.