Start of Term Message from Mr. Coles Executive Principal – The Priory Learning Trust

Thank you for your great support during the course of the school year 2016-17.

In terms of the Priory Learning Trust we have now fully welcomed Worle School – an Academy Trust (WCSA). We strongly believe that both St Anne’s and Castle Batch primaries will join the Trust next year. We also hope another secondary school will will join our Trust in 2018. All of this is pending us doing ‘due diligence’. More news in Term 1.


We were again delighted to see the good results at PCSA this August. We were also very pleased to see another 256 new students join PCSA. We had over 350 first choices for our 256 places. I am very pleased to say that from September 2018 we will move the PCSA admission number to 300 in Year 7. This will mean that over time the school will move to 1,500 students. To meet this demand, we will be re-designing and enlarging the restaurant and we will renovate the old science block into 8 new classrooms. You will be aware that the Spencer Science Centre (SSC) will open on Monday. In the first year the SSC will share facilities with our language department (LGU). We move languages to the renovated science block in September 2018.

You may have heard that Michelle Terry (Brown) has been appointed Artistic Director of The Globe Theatre in London – WOW – Shakespeare’s theatre. This is a great accolade for Michelle and we are very pleased to see a former Priory student achieving this level of success in the world of the dramatic arts. On the note of ex-students … we’d like to hear from any Priory ex-student who can provide us with a photograph to inspire students. We are creating ‘walls of success’ going back over the years. PLEASE do not be shy and please help us by sending any e-mail or photographs to or

Mrs. McBride (Principal) and the whole team at PCSA did a great job last year. During the course of this school year there will be an improved homework system and we will introduce a new modular curriculum. This will help with the demands of the new GCESs. The new ‘modular curriculum’ will have four simple progress reports per year (PCSA had three last year) with an end of school written report from a tutor. The system will have Praising Stars reports and letters. All Priory key dates will be published on the new website and posted here again (please share) to help you over the course of the school year. This will be especially useful for the issuing of progress reports and for parents’ evenings. Please do understand that you can contact the school by e-mail at any time.

• A quick reminder – we have a two-week October break starting. We break at end of school on Friday, October 13th.
• The PCSA restaurant is now being run by Pabullum catering. Meal prices from this September have been reduced with a new very new biometrics system in place. Please let us know by e-mail of nay teething problems.

Our very top priority remains to ensure that all our students are happy and safe at PCSA and they get outstanding exam results.

Thank you for your super support.


Neville Coles
Executive Principal

Please be aware e-mail is the contact route to PCSA staff not through Facebook.