February 2018 PPE Timetable

Certificate Collection

Certificates for the 2017 leavers are now available for collection from the Main Reception, daily between 8.30am – 4.30pm.

Priory Learning Trust - Train to Teach events

23/11 12pm – 3pm @ PCSA
23/11 6pm – 8pm @ PCSA
30/11 10am – 1pm @ PCSA

For anyone interested in finding out more about training to teach with The PLT in 2018-19, please email tsa@priorylearningtrust.org.uk to book a place on one of our T2T events. Please state your name and preferred date.


Parents/Carers/Staff and Students – Welcome back to the new school term.

I hope that the two-week break was enjoyed by all.

This school year will be a year of setting and reaching attainable goals, working harder and smarter and taking our school and student achievement to the next level of “GREATNESS”.


At PCSA we are dedicated to “students first” and promoting academic excellence through an enriched rigorous modular curriculum. As a staff team, we are here to support all our young people, by any means necessary, to ensure they reach their fullest academic potential.

As I have said many times it is the goal of all the staff at PCSA to work with you to create a rich learning environment for all students. Student success is a shared responsibility between the staff, students and parents/carers. I look forward to working with all our students where SUCCESS IS NOT AN OPTION…..BUT AN EXPECTATION. With this in mind Term 2 is so very key. The priorities for this term are around Praising Stars Reports data and testing. We have the first modular tests and The Wave exams over the next few weeks. PCSA students will be rigorously assessed early this term as part of the new modular curriculum. This will happen every nine weeks (i.e. four times a year). The purpose of this is to assess where there are gaps in knowledge so that these can be met during the super teaching week that will follow each assessment window.

We had a really positive start to the new academic year last term so a huge thank you for all your efforts and continued commitments. The annual Awards Evening at The Pier was really well received and I had lots of compliments on the evening and afterwards from parents and students – particularly about the guest speaker and our students’ performances (thank you to James Wilmot, Antonia Self and Helen Howard).

There were many great activities and initiatives last term. We will carry on the pencil cases and phone box initiative so that we start learning on the buzzer! The family breakfast was a wonderful event and I believe 800+ breakfasts were served. Well done to Rachel and the catering team Pabulum! The series of maths evenings were well pitched and, again, parents were very complimentary. Thank you to the hundreds of parents and carers for attending. I must thank all staff who went above and beyond for Curriculum Enrichment days, trips and P6s/P0s. The launch of The Spencer Science Centre at the end of the term was a very special morning and reminded me what a truly exciting vibrant and constantly evolving place PCSA is. The centre is named after Arthur Spencer, PCSA’s very first Head Teacher over 40 years ago.

Finally, from me, Term 2 is Upper School charity term. Please do encourage students to embrace this initiative. It is especially poignant as we are raising money for a condition affecting two of our own students so I hope it is a record-breaking year. The PCSA Leadership Team and Sharon Boneham’s tutor team launched it with the abseil (thank you Sharon Boneham for organising this I think!). I believe that over £600 has been raised which is a great start. I cannot pretend it was my favourite activity but I was so proud of the students and staff that Sunday morning. Also thank you to the wonderful parents who came along and supported the event.

Have an excellent term and please do come and see me if you have any concerns or wish to discuss any matters. I’m in a different office but the door is always open.


PRIORY students have sent a big 'well done' message to former student Michelle Terry as she takes on a prestigious world role in performing arts.

06 October 2017

The Olivier-award-winning English actress and writer is now artistic director at Shakespeare’s Globe after being inspired to acting by her Priory tutor in the 1990s.

This week Priory Community School students and staff congratulated her on the new role.

The 38 year old has a long career in the National Theatre and wrote and appeared in Sky TV’s The Cafe.

Four years ago she was the guest speaker PCSA’s end of year awards where she attributed her success to her Priory tutor while at school in the 1990s.

Michelle Terry said: “The only reason I’m doing what I’m doing in life is because of my Priory tutor. When I told her I wanted to be an actress, she told me not only that I could be, but if I wanted to be, then I must.”

Michelle is one of many ex Priory students achieving remarkable things in performing arts. Jake Fisher has just appeared in the Bristol Hippodrome in the Adam’s Family and Corinne Priest is also in the West End.

The King Alfred School (KAS)

You may be aware that The Priory Learning Trust (The PLT) have been asked to work with The King Alfred School (KAS) in Highbridge.

KAS is a 11-19 schools with a sixth form that is growing rapidly.

This Thursday evening, October 5th, at 6pm there is an information at KAS about joining ‘KAS SIXTH’ in 2018.

If you have not previously looked at KAS SIXTH why not come along this Thursday to hear the KAS team talk about the results and choices that KAS can provide.

Hutton Moor and Priory Community School- lifesavers and career aspirations.

29 September 2017

A unique partnership between Priory Community School and Hutton Moor has been an enormous success.

The monthly hero awards where students are rewarded for acts of kindness at home, school and the community​ has already generated national interest, but a new project is breaking new ground while saving lives and raising aspirations.

2017′s departing year 11 students were offered FREE lifeguard training as well as paid part time work through the summer and beyond during their free time while progressing at college.

Four students participated in the unique scheme. Chloe Edgar (pictured) said “It has been great experience and I really benefit from the income during my studies at college”.

James Wilmot, Priory’s Head of Careers says “This is such a great opportunity for our students to build their employability skills while earning money and potentially saving lives! We are so grateful to Hutton Moor for the opportunity and look forward to extending the offer to students at Worle Community School this year too. This kind of experience is great for CVs as well as university or apprenticeship applications”.

Dave Somers General Manager says “It has been great to work with the students from Priory Community School on this exciting scheme. We had some very hard working students attend the courses and gain the NPLQ qualification providing them with a stepping-stone to a career as a lifeguard.

It is really important for us to engage with our younger generation and present opportunities for them to gain qualifications and valuable work experience.”

Priory student Liam Orme is aiming to be the world's best boxer and is winning championship fights - despite only being in the sport for less then a year.

28 September 2017

Year 10 student, Liam, aged 14, is now in the English championship and is practising up to four hours a day in his quest to be the best.

He has already won the Western Division Championship, and is now competing in the National Quarter-Finals on October 14th.

Liam said: “Boxing makes me more alive. I’m determined to be the best in the world.”

Head of Year Callum Thompson, pictured, said: “We are proud of Liam and his achievements in the sport.”

Liam trains at least 5 hours a week preparing for fights, and is determined to one day become the Welterweight or Super-middle weight champion of the World.

By Priory students Aimee Braithwaite, aged 11, and Alice Bird, 11

Liam is pictured with left to right, Alice Bird and Aimee Braithwaite, who are Priory’s Jill Dando Centre journalists.

STRONGER TOGETHER - a new era in North Worle

Year 11 Intervention timetable

This is a timetable for Yr 11 P0 and P6 Intervention sessions which are open to all Year 11 students. P0 8-8.30am and P6 3-4pm. Please make the most of the support which is made available. Session start this week.

Click here to download a timetable.

Period 6 - Term 1 and 2

Any child attending a North Somerset school whose parents or carers are on certain benefits is entitled to receive free meals at school.

Parents or carers in receipt of the following benefits can apply for the service:

Apply on-line via www.n-somerset.gov.uk/fsm

You will be given a voucher code which you will need to print off and send to Student Services, Priory Community School. Alternatively you can email a copy to mailbox@pcsa.org.uk.

PCSA student receives England call up

06 September 2017

A PRIORY Community School student has received a call up for the England Under 18s bowls squad.

Imogen Cracknell, aged 14, has been selected for the England U18s squad against Wales at Clevedon Bowls Club on 16th and 17th September.

PCSA is a high-achieving school that also encourages its students to Dare to Dream in a wide variety of academic, sporting and performing arts pursuits.

Principal Jane McBride said: “This is a really great achievement for Imogen. She is an outstanding student who is very passionate about bowls.

‘We always try to encourage students to try new things to enrich their learning and Imogen’s sporting success epitomises that.

“We are really proud of Imogen and the school is right behind her England campaign. Go Imogen!”

PRIORY ex-student Sophie Gilbert has written, illustrated and edited her first book.

05 September 2017

The 24 year old former PCSA student has produced The Purple Juice Tree aimed at 4+ year olds and plans to produce dozens in the years to come.

The book was inspired by the kinds of stories Sophie’s granddad told her as a child.

Over time the adventures featured familiar locations and characters and ‘La La Land’ – location for the story – was developed. – These characters are based on real life people from within the family.

The Purple Juice Tree’ is the first of a series of stories from this land. The second, ‘The Great Globby Slobe’ is due to become available in November.

The book was written, illustrated and edited by Sophie and her husband Thomas.

PCSA is a high-performing Academy Trust that encourages students to go for their dreams.

Sophie said: “This was written as a response to a lack of fun and interesting bedtime stories for 4+ year olds that are an appropriate length for kids and adults to enjoy as part of the bedtime routine.

“This story in particular was written for our 6 year old daughter, Isabelle when she was 4 years old.”

The book is currently available through Amazon and through T.S. Gilbert directly (info.tsgilbert@gmail.com).

Welcome Back to PCSA!

04 September 2017

All of us at PCSA extend a sincere WELCOME to all of our students and families.  The 2017-18 academic year begins with the return to school of 1256 students and offers the promise of another successful learning endeavour for our whole school community. Our community vision is well defined and firmly in place and provides the clear direction and focus for our actions this year. Learning, consideration and outstanding behaviour does not stop at 2:55. It goes beyond it with our exciting Period 6 activities and outside the school gates showing respect and care in the community. I look forward to our students, parents, Academy Council and staff working together in achieving this vision. I challenge all our students to do at least one Period 6 activity a week this year. Get involved!

On your return to school this year you will see a number of changes to the site that were accomplished over the summer. The Spencer Science Centre is now open to students and is a breath-taking, teaching facility second to none. We have also carried several technology updates, replaced flooring and painted the school just about everywhere! A variety of additional projects were completed this summer, not necessarily visible, all aimed at improving the daily teaching and learning experience for our students and improving the overall experience for families visiting PCSA. PCSA is a vibrant exciting school that never stops evolving!

So much happens at PCSA to continually improve the quality of the teaching and learning in our school. At PCSA we have developed some really great learning habits, like managing mobile phones in lessons with the phone boxes. Habits are important to us as they become routines. It is important that we develop these positive habits so that there is more time for learning. This year we have invested in pencil cases for all students. They have the minimum, essential equipment needed for every lesson and a copy of their personal timetable. The expectation will be students carry these around in their hands as they go from lesson to lesson so they are visible. They do not put them in their bags. In the first few weeks all staff will challenge students every lesson to encourage this.  We aim to start learning in each lesson on the buzzer!

Another great and essential habit is that of reading every day. Please do encourage this at home. It is a great way to improve outcomes and as I say every year in assemblies one of the best things you can do is lose yourself in a book. After the success of last year, we will again be investing in the ‘Big Read” this year, where ALL students and ALL staff are given a copy of a novel to read and it is celebrated for a whole week in school. More news on that to follow.

School uniform is important to us at PCSA. Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride, creates an identity for a school and is an important part of being a school student. I believe uniforms show that you are part of PCSA. Wearing it says “we’re all in this together”. Also, if you wear your uniform with pride, it means you are half way there to being respectful, buying into what the organisation is all about. Uniforms give students a sense of belonging to a particular school and create an identity for the school in the community. If you have any queries regarding uniform please do contact your child’s tutor or Head of Year.

Social media and our website is our friend and a key part of school life. Please do take the time to look at our website. There are regular updates and You Tubes throughout the year informing you of events and news. We love to get your positive stories and feedback via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook. There is nothing better than celebrating the successes of our young people and their school. If you do have any issues I ask you to e-mail/phone me or the school directly us so we can deal with any issues as quickly as possible. Thank you for your support with this.

I hope you are as excited about returning to school as I am.  We celebrate another year of outstanding results and send warmest wishes to our leavers as they start a new part of their learning chapter. To our newest students, Year 7 2017, I offer you my warmest welcome to this school year.  We have a wonderful journey of teaching and learning to walk together. Let’s do so together and be proud of Priory.

Very best wishes,
Jane McBride.

Latest Newsletter (Summer 2017)

Start of Term Message from Mr. Coles Executive Principal – The Priory Learning Trust

02 September 2017

Thank you for your great support during the course of the school year 2016-17.

In terms of the Priory Learning Trust we have now fully welcomed Worle School – an Academy Trust (WCSA). We strongly believe that both St Anne’s and Castle Batch primaries will join the Trust next year. We also hope another secondary school will will join our Trust in 2018. All of this is pending us doing ‘due diligence’. More news in Term 1.

We were again delighted to see the good results at PCSA this August. We were also very pleased to see another 256 new students join PCSA. We had over 350 first choices for our 256 places. I am very pleased to say that from September 2018 we will move the PCSA admission number to 300 in Year 7. This will mean that over time the school will move to 1,500 students. To meet this demand, we will be re-designing and enlarging the restaurant and we will renovate the old science block into 8 new classrooms. You will be aware that the Spencer Science Centre (SSC) will open on Monday. In the first year the SSC will share facilities with our language department (LGU). We move languages to the renovated science block in September 2018.

You may have heard that Michelle Terry (Brown) has been appointed Artistic Director of The Globe Theatre in London – WOW – Shakespeare’s theatre. This is a great accolade for Michelle and we are very pleased to see a former Priory student achieving this level of success in the world of the dramatic arts. On the note of ex-students … we’d like to hear from any Priory ex-student who can provide us with a photograph to inspire students. We are creating ‘walls of success’ going back over the years. PLEASE do not be shy and please help us by sending any e-mail or photographs to james.wilmot@pcsa.org.uk or alex.crowther@pcsa.org.uk.

Mrs. McBride (Principal) and the whole team at PCSA did a great job last year. During the course of this school year there will be an improved homework system and we will introduce a new modular curriculum. This will help with the demands of the new GCESs. The new ‘modular curriculum’ will have four simple progress reports per year (PCSA had three last year) with an end of school written report from a tutor. The system will have Praising Stars reports and letters. All Priory key dates will be published on the new website and posted here again (please share) to help you over the course of the school year. This will be especially useful for the issuing of progress reports and for parents’ evenings. Please do understand that you can contact the school by e-mail at any time.

• A quick reminder – we have a two-week October break starting. We break at end of school on Friday, October 13th.
• The PCSA restaurant is now being run by Pabullum catering. Meal prices from this September have been reduced with a new very new biometrics system in place. Please let us know by e-mail of nay teething problems.

Our very top priority remains to ensure that all our students are happy and safe at PCSA and they get outstanding exam results.

Thank you for your super support.


Neville Coles
Executive Principal

Please be aware e-mail is the contact route to PCSA staff not through Facebook.

Visit the PLT website

PCSA sees Oscars-style celebration of sporting heroes

29 August 2017

SPORTS heroes across Priory Community School were commended for their achievements and attitude in an Oscars-style glittering evening of Sports Awards.

TOP WINNERS: Chloe Carchrie with mum Victrix Ludorum and Amiee Carchrie Year 7 sportswoman of the year.

Sports Volunteer of the Year Erin Norris with parents

Students at PCSA were rewarded for their sporting achievements throughout the year on a night of celebrations which included a red carpet, student photographers, a visit of Weston’s Mayor Jos Holder, guest speaker and ex Olympic triple jumper, Vernon Samuels and current Exeter Chiefs rugby player Olly Woodburn

There were awards for student stars of Netball, Hockey, Rounders, Cricket, Rugby, Football, Athletics, sports person of the year, male and female sports team of the year and many more.

There were also video message links from England netball captain Ama Agbeze, GB hockey player Helen Richardson-Walsh and Samoan rugby players Kahn Fotuali’l and Tusi Pisi to name a few.

Principal Jane McBride said: “We are big on sports excellence and attitude at PCSA and are delighted to present such outstanding talent with their much-deserved awards.”

Executive Principal Neville Coles said: “As always our students and staff have put together an incredible night of sports awards. We are very proud of them all.”

Head of Faculty Tina Delaney said: “This evening allowed us to show off the talent and dedication of our students and staff at our outstanding school. This was the pinnacle of another successful year for us and to celebrate with our fantastic students and supporting parents was amazing.”

Students at Priory Community School – an Academy Trust - are celebrating after once again producing a great set of GCSE results.

24 August 2017

Priory’s results this year for English, English literature and maths were all above the national results once again in a year which has seen the introduction of new 9-1 GCSE grades in place of the A*-G grades for these subjects. 

Students have risen to this additional challenge and 68% have achieved a pass in English, 76% in English literature and 75% in maths.

Schools have new key measures to indicate their performance, based on the number of students who gain a pass in English and maths. Some 66% of PCSA students gained an English and maths pass grade 4 or above, with 33% of students gaining an English and maths pass grade 5 or above.

Success stories include Joel Crinson who gained a total of 7 grade 9 or A* grades.

Jane McBride, Principal at PCSA, said, “I am immensely proud of our students and staff. Students at PCSA know just how important these results are to their future.  ”They have truly attained excellent results across the board and these are a reflection of the commitment Year 11 have shown throughout their time at Priory.  They will all face a bright future with these results to back them up.”

Neville Coles, a National Leader in Education and the Executive Principal of both PCSA and WCSA through The Priory Learning Trust said: “It is great to see both schools in North Worle now doing so well. This year has seen significant changes in the exam system which has produced big challenges for students, staff and parents.

“We are delighted with our outcomes and we will improve again next year. It is worth remembering school is not just about exam results. We are absolutely committed to ensure that at both Priory and Worle we continue our very long tradition of sport, drama, music and trips – such activities are a very important part of what good schools do. We thank parents, carers, governors and all in our community for the great support.”

Parent Feedback

We warmly welcome feedback from parents at any time.

Please click here to complete a questionnaire.

PCSA students attend Big Bang science event at Bristol University

31 July 2017

Priory Community School students attended a Big Bang science event at Bristol University with some of Britain’s biggest firms.

STEM ambassadors greeted the ambitious students and discussed their work including how they could visit and help out at Priory in the future.

BAE Systems, Hewlett Packard, SpecSavers and South West Nuclear Hub were some of the big-name firms to attend the event.

The ‘Fair’ consisted of University exhibits including research into alien life and spacecrafts while students were also encouraged to learn about the types of research that universities carry out.

Neville Coles, Executive Principal of The Priory Learning Trust which runs PCSA, said: “This was a brilliant event. We want to give students the very best in activities and experiences to help them choose high-flying careers. Maths and science are key areas.

“Students were able to work hands on with demonstrations such as making cells glow under microscopes or making bath bombs to take home, and even dismantling and rebuilding a computer.”

Prospectus 2017

Priory students write and publish their second book in six months to top of the Amazon charts.

04 July 2017

INSPIRATIONAL Priory students have topped the amazon bestseller chart for the second time in six months.

The PCSA students wrote ‘How to Survive and Thrive’ as a survival guide to high school and life in general.

Within weeks of release, the book published by the school’s own innovative Priory Press made number 5 in the Amazon best-seller charts.

Their first book ‘Christmas Stories’ shared the top 10 with Blyton and Dickens in the Christmas bestseller chart.

Head of Careers James Wilmot launched a celebration evening for the authors and their friends and family.

He said: “Our students should be very proud of themselves and it is a great achievement. Everyone has a story to tell and we want to give our students every opportunity to be a published author during their time at Priory. We have the full support of Angela Lauria & Paul Brycock – the world’s most successful author coaches – to help us along.”

Principal Jane McBride said: “Well done to all our students involved in this. We are very proud of them. We take the business of reading extremely seriously and we see books as ‘portable magic’.”

The book’s blurb says: ‘Learn how to overcome the daily obstacles of school life while developing skills in leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication’.

Prospectus 2017

PCSA Prom 2017

The 2018 entry to PCSA

expansion1We understand from Mr. Coles (Executive Principal) that from September 2018 the Regional Schools Commissioner has agreed to allow Priory to admit 300 new students, not the current 256 each year.

There will be another 44 places for entry in 2018.

A new 11 classroom ‘Spencer Science Centre’, plus a new restaurant facility and play area are planned for this expansion.

The annual Open Evening at PCSA is Thursday, June 29th for all Year 5s and families.

So please do come along to the evening. Hope to see you Thursday!

Hundreds turn out for Priory charity Family Fitness Day as world Olympic superstar turns up to join in the fun

12 June 2017

Families enjoyed a wide range of free sports activities at Priory Community School including dancing, gymnastics, athletics, and tennis. There was also free healthy food, a free giant bouncy castle, displays, physio appointments, a raffle, and free gym sessions at the Paula Radcliffe Centre along with cycling, rowing and ‘plank’ competitions.

James Cracknell OBE, who won two olympic gold medals in rowing, opened the event and then took part in many of the activities.

The Family Fitness Day was held to encourage families to get fit together and highlight what local clubs and sporting activities are available in the area.

The event raised hundreds of pounds for PCSA’s charity the Bone Cancer Trust.

Organiser Vanessa Mawford said: “This was an amazing event. James Cracknell’s appearance capped off a fantastic day.”

Weston students to grow 'miracle outer-space super plants' without soil in first UK school hydroponics centre as part of their new £2.5 million science centre

08 June 2017

SCIENCE CENTRE: Executive Principal of The Priory Learning Trust, Neville Coles is pictured with the new Director of Science, Janet Criddle and students outside PCSA – home for their unique hydroponics facility in their new £2.5 science centre.

Weston students to grow ‘miracle outer-space super plants’ without soil in first UK school hydroponics centre as part of their new £2.5 million science centre

Some 1300 Weston students will get to enjoy a space-emulating unique super-plant-making-without-soil hydroponics centre as part of their £2.5 million new science centre.

PCSA students will have a new Spencer Science Centre complete with Britain’s first school futuristic hydroponics centre at its heart – enabling plants to be grown bigger and better without soil such as is used in space voyages.

The new centre will open in September with 12 futuristic interactive new science labs, two ICT suites, a staff workroom and office all equipped with the latest hi-tech learning kit.

The development comes as The Priory Learning Trust appointed a new Director of Science, Janet Criddle.

Executive Principal Neville Coles said: “This £2.5 million science centre will enable us to further deliver exceptional science lessons for thousands of students in the years to come.
“The icing on the cake is the hydroponic centre, which will give the students something not seen before in a UK school.”

Hydroponic systems remove soil from the plant growing, so plants grow bigger, healthier and reach maturity faster than their soil-grown counterparts.

By removing soil, plants do not work as hard to obtain nutrients, so the plant focuses more on growing upstairs instead of expanding the root system downstairs.”

The building is being named after former Head Teacher Arthur Spencer who is now 95. He was the first Head of Priory some 41 years ago. Before that in World War Two he was the navigator on board the famous Lancaster Bombers.

PCSA is Ofsted outstanding and one of Britain’s best schools.

Latest Tweets

The Priory Learning Trust - Term 1 – October 2017

An update from Mr. Coles – Executive Principal Neville.coles@priorylearningtrust.org.uk

Dear All

As we come towards the end of Term 1 I thought it was time for an update. It has been a busy, but very productive six weeks; things are moving quickly in a good way. Staff and students will break at Priory and at Worle next week for a 2-week Autumn break. We will be repeating this in 2018-19.

The good news is that we will probably have six schools within our Trust by April 2018. As you may know, at present we have PCSA and WCSA within the Trust. Two local primary schools, St Anne’s and Castle Batch have also asked to join us; I am pleased to say that the Academy orders are now in place for both these excellent schools to join. We have also been asked to sponsor The King Alfred School at Highbridge and the primary school in Pawlett. A family of six schools will make a strong unit going forward. It will involve around 4,500 children and 700 staff. We will then be able to further add to site improvements and make a real difference to families in our region. I am a very big believer in creating pleasant learning environments and the sites at both Priory and Worle look very clean and tidy with excellent signage – they hopefully make both students and staff want to work and learn at our schools.

There are many advantages in working as a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) but the main focus must always be to improve the quality of teaching and to gain even better results for our children. I am delighted to see GCSE results remaining very strong at Priory this last year. Priory was again the very top school in WSM, by some way, for the Grade 4 + English and Maths score. Almost 70% of students at Priory gained a 4+ in both maths and English. This is the measure that gets students into College and into local Sixth Forms – more below about that! Worle improved by a massive 14% and had 62% 4+ with English and maths – the second best in WSM by about 10%. We are working on the 5+ figures and the new ‘Progress 8’. Results are robust at both schools. Priory has consistently had around 10 years of great results and Worle is coming up strongly. Let’s also not forget all the other super things on offer in terms of music, sport and the wider arts. Both new Principals (Miss Scott and Mrs. McBride) are doing a great job.

Fundamentally, both schools in Worle (WCSA and PCSA) now provide a really good education for our children – this is a really virtuous thing to be able to say – we are very proud of our students, staff and community.

We have held open community events at both PCSA and WCSA this term for potential new parents carers. All were welcomed warmly and I hope everyone went away thinking good things – the feedback to me has been very positive. New parents need to choose a secondary school by the end of October. It benefits us all at both schools if Priory and Worle are full at Year 7 level – so I hope you can spread the good news. Should current parents wish to visit please do let me know. You will see that the fantastic new Spencer Science Centre (2.4million) is now fully open at Priory. We will be opening a new reception area at Worle in November of this year. Both developments are really good for the students and staff. Over the course of the next 12 months we will continue the re-roofing of Worle – not something that is easy to see but vital! We will improve the restaurant facilities at Priory as this school will take in 300 students for the first time in September 2018; the ‘old science block’ will be re-modelled to accommodate new students. Clearly, we will continue to make strong capital bids. These bids are made stronger by us being together as part of a small family of schools.

I am delighted to announce that we have secured 33 teacher training places for 2018-19. We have a Teaching School Alliance based at Priory and this works across all our schools. All of these places are salaried to train as a teacher – 29 secondary places and 4 primary places. This will allow us to have an additional 33 members of staff working across our schools free of charge! This will greatly add to our ability to create smaller class sizes and offer great 1-1 teaching. At the end of the programme we will also hopefully to able to choose the very best of these trainees to work with our children in our schools. So, if you know anyone who wishes to train as a teacher from September 2018 please do contact us at The PLT. This is really significant for the future great results at both Priory and Worle.

It is a very good time to join either school – our children will continue to benefit from small class sizes and we will continue to be able to recruit the best teachers in the South West.

Lastly, a brief note about The King Alfred School (KAS) in Highbridge. This is about 20 minutes from WSM. It is likely that this school will also join us in April 2018. We are supporting KAS at present. I recently attended the Sixth Form evening at KAS, which was really well delivered. The Head of Sixth Form is a charismatic man called Jonathan Gaskell. The Sixth Form is currently around 100 students. Outcomes are truly excellent in terms of progression to some of the top UK universities. Whilst we have always made sure all students have opportunities to visit local colleges we have not had KAS Sixth on our radar. Clearly, it is now. I can only say how impressed I was with the destinations and the facilities. We will now arrange visits to KAS Sixth for our students at both WCSA and PCSA who might want a school based 6th form experience. I know that many parents over the years have asked me about a Priory 6th Form. In some ways it is now likely to be ‘based’ at KAS and this will be the 6th form option within The PLT. Even at this stage please do contact myself or Mr. Gaskell for a talk or a private visit - jgaskell@kingalfred.somerset.sch.uk.

As always, please do have a look at our website for more details about The Priory Learning Trust (PLT) - www.priorylearningtrust.org.uk or contact me directly by e-mail. Our pledge is a quick reply and a first class service.

Thank you for your support – please do contact me at anytime and please do visit.


Neville Coles
Executive Principal
The Priory Learning Trust

Record numbers of free breakfasts served up at PCSA

03 October 2017

RECORD numbers of free full English breakfasts were served up at a free family event at Priory Community School.

Children enjoyed face-painting, circus arts, magic, fizz pop science, viewing pets including a giant tarantula, a variety of stalls, a visiting police van and bike-powered smoothie at PCSA.

The school’s 7ft hedgehog mascot Percy PLT was on hand to take selfies with families.

PCSA is again significantly oversubscribed and has had sustained excellent exam performance for many years.

Principal Jane McBride said: “It was lovely to see so many children and their parents, carers and grandparents at this event.”

Inspirational new Head boy and girl teams were all miracle premature babies and are now blazing a trail at one of Britain's best schools.

18 July 2017

Head Girl Megan Hatch, Deputy Head Girl, Ella Minty, Head Boy Oskaar Boyce and Deputy Head Boy Lewis Westcott are the latest inspirational student leaders of PCSA.

And all of them were born premature and are miracle babies in their own right.

Incredibly, the mums of Lewis and Ella linked up as mentors in Bristol Royal Infirmary during the time around their birth but lost touch. Then some 11 years later the students found themselves in the same tutor group at Priory, and then discovered they were the premature babies together in the hospital 11 years before.

Now they have all won through a rigorous process to become PCSA’s latest inspirational student leaders.

Principal Jane McBride said: “They are an absolutely brilliant team of student leaders. We are very proud of them all.”

PCSA has again been recognised for helping students get careers advice to launch them to their dream jobs.

05 May 2017

Priory Community School have been given the prestigious Employability Chartermark for their part in giving students aspirational, accessible and excellent careers advice.

The award was given by Business West and The Local Enterprise Partnership.

Inspectors praised their extended range of activities including entrepreneurship, guest speakers, business enterprise projects, visits to employers, online resources, college taster days, university visits, work experience and more.

Head of Careers James Wilmot brings it all together using his extensive experience in recruitment, community careers advice and further education.

He said: “We are delighted at this award. PCSA is my old school and is a fantastic example of how schools can prepare their students for a lifetime of success.

“Every student leaves Priory with a career plan, work experience, interview skills, a CV and the resilience to make their way in life.”

House prices are higher around PCSA and families are buying homes from outside the area in a bid to get into the school, according to estate agents.

10 April 2017

Priory Community School has become one of Britain’s best in recent years with exceptional GCSE results, OfSTED Outstanding, smaller class sizes in the upper years, brilliant facilities, sports, performing arts and music, and a host of other successes.

Now, according to the Weston Mercury this week, house prices are rising near outstanding schools such as Priory. Figures from the Department of Education show that living near a top secondary school in this area can swell house prices by as much as £16,100.

PCSA, with grades consistently in the top few per cent in Britain over the last 7 years, and with regularly 600 applications for its 240 places, has seen parents move home to get into the school.

Now The Priory Learning Trust is leading Worle School, and predicting hugely improved outcomes at WCSA this summer, meaning that both schools in North Worle will be attractive to potential parents.

WCSA, as part of The Priory Learning Trust, will also be run with the same tried and tested methods that made PCSA so high performing and successful.

OfSTED praised WCSA in December and saw it on a fast-track to become outstanding, just like its sister school.

One estate agent, Abbie Elkins of Palmer Snell Estate Agents, said: “With Priory a lot of people say they want to be near there, so that higher demand will naturally push up the price.

“A lot of people will come in and say they want to be in the Priory catchment area – probably more than any other thing. We get a lot of families moving from out of the area and say they want to be near Priory.”

Entrepreneurial PCSA students launch book publishing company

10 April 2017

Self-starting entrepreneurial students at Priory Community School have launched their own publishing Press to get out even more of their books to the world.

By Jack Branton, aged 12

Only months after they had their first book published that stormed to the top of the Amazon charts, they have now put in place Priory Press.The five Year 10 students, Oskaar Boyce, Lewis Westcott, Ella Minty, Jacob Robins and Lewis Jarvis are all months into the project.PCSA is an entrepreneurial school that allows and encourages students to come up with their own business, organisations and creations. Two years ago student Alex Crowther set up Weston Eagles, which is growing at a rapid pace with dozens of young people volunteering to make Weston a better place to live.

PCSA Principal Jane McBride, who was once a business leader, said: “Our students are brilliant and we enjoy seeing them come up with new organisations and businesses. Well done to all involved in our new Priory Press.”

A WORLD expert in volcanoes and earthworm DNA returned to his former school in Weston to inspire students.

17 March 2017

Ex-PCSA student Dr Dan Pass from The University of Cardiff returned to his old school to deliver a science lecture to Year 10 students covering everything from volcanoes, South American tribes, earthworm DNA and much more.

The inspirational lecturer was one of dozens of ex-students joining other successes to meet current students as they prepare for their dream careers.

Priory aim to make their school the best around in motivating and preparing students for a lifetime of fantastic jobs.

Dan said “I really enjoyed coming back to my old school. The students have been great and it’s fantastic to see such energy and enthusiasm.”

This visit was part of National Careers Week – celebrated in style at with daily talks, activities and returning students.

Other alumni included Sam Brannigan who spoke to students about her Apprenticeship with Glentworth Lettings, Pamela Wesley-Adams talked about her law degree, Andy Dockrell from Hutton Moor offered students lifeguard training in the summer and Sasha Copper from Upper Cut Hair Studios helped students with hair styling.

Michelle Michael from The Grand Pier even delivered an impromptu travel and tourism lecture to business students while staff from Burges Salmon discussed the pathway to becoming a Solicitor.

The University Centre Weston Team spent the whole week at the school speaking to students in all year groups about degrees on their doorstep.

Head of Careers James Wilmot – a former PCSA student himself – said: “We take our student’s career plans very seriously at PCSA. Even in Year 7 we have budding Paleontologists, Speech & Language Therapists, Actors, Artists, Doctors and so much more.

“It’s a great mix of face to face inspiration, and an array of online career resources available on our website too!”

GCSE grades in England are changing


Starting with English and maths, GCSE grades in England will be graded from 9 to 1. Find out more:

PCSA student gets letter from America as she steps up fundraising with a sponsored swim - to be done by her beloved pet dog Marley!

10 March 2017

Written by Jack Branton Aged 12 and Liam Byrne Aged 15

Makayla Nunn, aged 13, recently received a supportive letter sent from America via PCSA after winning a Heroes award at the school for her amazing work raising money for the volunteer-run charity ‘Invest in ME Research’.

Now the inspiring PCSA student has lined up her next charity fund raiser – getting her dog to swim on sitting in his boat for 20 minutes in a vet-approved sponsored swim.

Makayla, who suffers from M.E. has become one of Britain’s best fundraisers in her work raising money for the charity, and previously had done a sponsored horse walk.

This week she was interviewed by another inspirational PCSA student journalist Liam Byrne, aged 15 and pictured, who himself has had to cope with M.E.

Makayla, said: “I decided to fight the illness head on and want to keep raising money for the charity. My dog Marley is going to participate in a swimming contest and I’m so happy even he can help in the fundraising.”

STUDENTS will be the big winners after Worle joins with the award-winning PCSA within The Priory Learning Trust from 1st March in a bid to take both schools beyond outstanding.

06 March 2017

The exciting partnership will mean both schools can get increased numbers of exceptional staff, bigger resources, smaller class sizes and even more outstanding buildings and facilities.

The Priory Learning Trust’s Executive Principal Neville Coles, who is an OFSTED inspector and a National Leader in Education, will be leading both schools, aided by excellent Heads of Schools Jane McBride at Priory and Jacqui Scott at Worle. Martin Kerslake, a former National Bursar of the Year and one of Britain’s best school business leaders, is the Chief Operating Officer for the new Trust.

In recent years PCSA has become one of Britain’s best schools, earning numerous accolades, and now has some of the best education processes and teachers in the UK. It is rated by OFSTED as ‘outstanding’.

Now both 11-16 schools will have ambitious plans to become beyond outstanding. It is likely they will also be joined in September by St Anne’s Primary School and Castle Batch Primary School.

The Chair of The PLT John Richardson said: “This is good news all around. Working together will mean even better education for all students. This is a really exciting time for students, parents and the community in Worle and North Worle.”

Neville Coles said: “We are passionate about taking all our schools to beyond outstanding in the years to come, and working together can help us to achieve this even faster. We will hope to provide smaller class sizes, more teachers and improved facilities at both Worle and Priory. Education in WSM is changing rapidly.

“We will now have a combined £16million + budget which will enable very quickly even smaller class sizes at both schools. This will lead to better exam outcomes for the students within WSM.

“Schools everywhere will be facing budget shortages in the future but we aim to stay ahead of the curve.

“For example, we hope to have 14 additional teaching members of staff joining in September adding to capacity through our Teaching School Alliance – this will add to staff – student ratios.

“Capital bids will soon be placed with the DfE at both schools under the new Trust arrangements.

“Already we are looking at bidding for a new sports hall at Worle and The Spencer Science Centre at Priory will open in September. Both will cost around £2.5 million. PCSA has an outstanding record in recent years of attracting successful capital money.“

The annual Open Evening at Priory will be in the summer term this year where Mr Coles will announce further ambitious plans for education within WSM. Worle’s Open Evening will be in early September.


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